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GC «Olimp Energy» offers block-modular boiler stations from 300 kW up to 5 MW in capacity.The block boiler station is used to supply heat to buildings, industrial premises and various facilities.


HERMES series boiler stations are "Standard" class modular block boilers using Russian and European components from the best manufacturing plants. Boilers up to 3 MW are manufactured as a single unit and delivered as a complete factory assembled unit. Upon additional request, it is possible to produce boilers in a dual-fuel version (gas/diesel).

The set includes:

  • Insulated block module (spatial metal frame with sandwich panel covering)
  • Water heating boiler stations made in Russia or Europe
  • Automatic gas (or biofuel) burners
  • Mains pump (1 - operation, 1 - standby)
  • Boiler recirculation pump
  • Gas intake, purification and distribution unit
  • Water tank - 500 l
  • Expansion vessels
  • Heat exchanger
  • Chemical Water Treatment Plant (CWT)
  • Shut-off and control valves
  • Process pipelines
  • Visual inspection devices
  • General automation and safety system
  • System for controlling the temperature of the heating fluid according to the weather conditions
  • Fire alarm and unauthorized access control system
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system
  • Water, electricity and fuel meters
  • Chimney H=6 m


  • Integrated DHW module
  • Installation of additional chemical water treatment
  • Water tank
  • Consumable fuel tank
  • Control of the frequency of the network pumps
  • Heat meters
  • DIOGEN fuel storage complete with fuel pumps, alarm and sprinkler systems
  • Automated modular container for storage, chemical cleaning and water pressure increase «Aquarius»
  • PEGAS district heating substations for the supply of heat to high-rise buildings or the supply of hot water.
Technical characteristics
Name Minimum value Maximum value
Power, kW 400 3000
Dimensions, L/W/H, 4 550/1 550/2 220 10 500/2 550/3 000
Maximum diesel consumption, LPH 55 330
Maximum gas flow, Nm3/h (max) 59,1 354,4
Installed/rated electrical power, kW 10,3/35,9 16,3/54,4
Maximum pressure/height limit for heated buildings 10 bar/up to 100 metres 10 bar/up to 100 metres
Temperature graph, оС 95/70

Our boiler stations have a high degree of mobility. This allows customers to use the modular block boiler stations for rent not only as a primary heat source, but also in emergency situations where an additional heat source is required.

Gas or diesel boiler stations are in great demand by construction companies, who use them to provide temporary heat during construction until permanent sources are connected.

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