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DIOGEN fuel storage facility

A fuel supply and fuel storage must be organized for the operation of the boiler station.
GC "Olimp Energy" offers a proven solution: the DIOGEN fuel container.

The standard DIOGEN is designed to supply fuel to boilers up to 2 MW. For larger capacities, several fuel tanks are installed in parallel or a larger capacity DIOGEN fuel storage tank is used.


The DIOGEN fuel tank is equipped with:


1. Protection against frost.

Our tanks are housed in an insulated shipping container with a heating system, which makes them resistant to low temperatures and prevents the diesel from freezing.


2. Fire safety.

The fuel storage tank consists of steel containers with insulation made of non-combustible materials, which prevents the spread of fire from external sources. The DIOGEN fuel container is equipped with a fire alarm, a sprinkler system and manual extinguishers.


3. Environmental safety.

The tanks are made of a special 5 mm thick plastic, which eliminates the technogenic risk of fuel spillage due to depressurization.


4. Fuel accounting system.

The DIOGEN fuel container includes a fuel level and flow telemetry system. High-frequency sensors allow you to view current fuel levels, refueling history and costs at any time.

The DIOGEN can be equipped with an optional filling gun.

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