Гарантия качества

Maintenance service

The specialists of our company stood at the origins of modern thermal power engineering. We have accumulated considerable experience in servicing domestic and imported boiler equipment.

Timely Service = heat without failures. This saves you time, nerves and money.

The prevention of possible causes of boiler station failure is paramount in the work of maintenance technicians.

Our experience confirms that it is cheaper to avoid accidents than to eliminate their consequences. In the absence of regular maintenance, accidents rarely occur locally.General and gradual wear and tear on any one part of the system will lead to the failure of all components in the chain and eventually destroy the whole system.


The economic benefit of the service.


Modern boilers can burn the fuel with an efficiency of 92%.This can only be achieved through a quality-optimized combustion process. With such settings, fuel consumption will be minimal (it may decrease by up to 50%), while both carbon and condensate will be minimal, which will also reduce the wear of the boiler body and the functional components of the burner.



Efficient fuel consumption is influenced by the following factors:


- adjustment of combustion automatisms, gas/air ratio

- adjustment of the heat generator automation

- fuel quality

These adjustments can only be made by an experienced and qualified technician using special (dedicated) equipment and licensed software.

Our employees have been trained by the leading suppliers of heating equipment (Viessmann, Buderus, Wilo, etc.), have the necessary skills to adjust this equipment to Russian conditions, repair it and are certified to do so.The service centre has a 24-h control room, transport facilities and all the equipment required for boiler station maintenance.

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