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Automated modular water storage container "AQUARIUS"

For reliable operation of boiler houses, it is important to ensure a stable water supply to fill and recharge the heating system, because when the pressure in the system drops below the minimum, both boilers and circulation pumps will stop. The best solution to the mentioned challenges is our unique product automated modular container for storing water "Aquarius" 


The automated modular container for storing water "Aquarius"  is a multifunctional mobile unit designed for a wide range of temporary water supply tasks.


The automated modular container for storing water "Aquarius" solves all the problems associated with the water supply of boiler installations. It is also in demand for other purposes. The automated modular container for storing water "Aquarius" can be installed on a water intake and work in conjunction with borehole pumps to provide water for construction sites, household towns and other objects.

Technical characteristics
Name Minimum value Maximum value
Overall dimensions, L/W/H, mm 6058/2438/2591 6058/2438/2591
Maximum fuel consumption, LPH 33 550
Level of water rise m.w.st. 60 120
Tank volume m3 6 6

The equipment solves the following tasks:

- automatic re-supply of up to 2 independent circuits with adjustable pressure up to 100 WMD

- storage of source water for the organization of heating network make-up

- water softening and chemical dosing

- storage of chemically treated water

- storage of service water for domestic water supply



- pumps with variable speed drive

- transport dimensions

- minimum deployment time

- high versatility of application

- process automation

- distribution

- the heating cable can be installed and connected for frost protection of external water pipes

- insulated container

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