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PEGAS block heating station

GC «Olimp Energy» introduces the PEGAS series, a block heating station designed for the temporary supply of heat.

PEGAS is suitable for heating high-rise buildings where the static pressure of the water column in the heating system exceeds the operating pressure of the boiler, for old worn-out networks with large water leaks, for networks where the extraction of water from the heating system is not provided.

PEGAS is available in three power ranges: 300 kW to 1 MW, 1 MW to 2 MW and 2 MW to 3 MW, and will soon be supplemented units for hot water supply.

The following in installed inside the PEGAS block heating station:


- a plate heat exchanger with an operating pressure of up to 16 bar;


- a frequency-controlled operating and standby network pump and an automation unit.


PEGAS is compact enough in size, but with enough space inside for an optional booster pump or water treatment unit.


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