Гарантия качества


The organization of temporary heat supply is not limited to the rental of a boiler station. This involves a range of measures and often a package of additional boiler equipment for rent. Fuel supply or fuel storage, stable fuel supply, supplementary sources of electricity (diesel electric generators), water treatment and supply, small-scale portable heat sources (heat generators) and much more.GC «Olimp Еnergy» offers additional equipment for rent to effectively provide a complete temporary heating solution.

For fuel supply and reserve, the DIOGEN fuel container is the best option.The mobile WATER-CARRIER'S FONT module is required to ensure a stable water supply and back-up in the heating system. A PEGAS series modular heating substation is required for the organization of an independent heating circuit, where the boiler circuit and the heating system are separated by a plate heat exchanger.

Maintenance service
DIOGEN fuel storage facility
PEGAS block heating station
Automated modular water storage container "AQUARIUS"
Rent of site fencing
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